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How to choose the best fan light?-- Shenzhen Good Lighting


Along with the times and the increasing mobility of people, the types of fan lights are getting more and more various. Portable fan lights are an option to deal with hot weather. 

Portable fan lights are designed with many features that can be used by various groups, from children to adults. There are so many choices and variations of portable fans and it often makes potential buyers confused to choose the best one, according to their needs.

The following are top tips for choosing the right portable fan light:

Hybrid 2 in 1 Portable Fan + Led Flood Light
Nowaday the function of product in the markert is either fan or lighting, very simplex. But this amazing Combo LED Lantern and Fan will keep you cool and comfortable inside or outside of your tent and illuminate the night. Suitable for use in an emergency. As a perfect combination of lamps and ceiling fans, they are very popular with consumers. Fan light not only has high practicality, with the development of technology, its decorative is getting better and better, and in summer season fan lamp is the most popular. 

Adjust to Your Needs

There are various shapes and sizes of portable fans sold in the market, but in general they can be categorized into two types, namely desk fan type and handheld type. Our Combo LED Lantern and Fan can adjust to your needs. Use the folding hanger to mount this camping fan light inside tents or shelters and on tree branches, or stand it on its base and take pleasure in hours of light and fan. Enjoy some of the comfort of home while you experience the great outdoors.

Multiple Product Power Supply Methods

According to the power source, portable fan lights generally use batteries, USB, and rechargeable batteries. There are also those that do not use power at all or manually. The type of using batteries will be very wasteful if you use it too frequent, because you will need to change the battery more often. And type of using manual pull is not practical if the user’s hands are quite busy, such as typing, cooking, and others. While our product is using both rechargeable batteries and USB power source, rechargeable type portable fan light is very efficient and economical. This fan light with a USB power source is perfect for users who often use gadgets or laptops. This type of fan light can also be connected to a power bank.

Stepless Speed Control Switch

When viewed from the features of the speed mode and wind direction settings, some can be adjusted to several types of speed and some only provide one speed mode. Good Lighting version features no blocking limit, gently rotating can control the wind speed.

The Sound Produced
Although this factor is rarely considered, it can be an additional consideration factor so that the use of a portable fan is more comfortable. Some people feel uncomfortable if the fan used is too noisy. Our camping fan light uses smart built-in, low noise, in silent mode. A very subtle sounding fan in the bedroom is great because you even forget it exists. Quietness that is so nice and pleasant.

Stylish Design 

If you are going to use it for children, you should choose a fan with soft blades or a fan with a safe blade cover design. Also choose according to the weight of the fan, if you are going to use it for traveling and carry it around a lot, our lightweight portable fan light. Timeless design-unique punk style designed for box fans, simple and stylish design. With a convenient design that combines lighting with cooling, this camping lantern with portable fan boasts a lightweight design for easy packing and battery operation for fuss-free anywhere use.

Pack this Camping Lantern With Ceiling Fan by Good Lighting for easy anywhere illumination.