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GO-SITELUX Solar Work Light -- Shenzhen Good Lighting


The world is pushing for more renewable energy to avoid the adverse effects of climate change. According to World Energy, just the average global solar radiation per year can produce just as much energy needed as 140 m3 of natural gas, 200 kg of coal, or a barrel of oil. This means, under the right optimisation process, solar energy can indeed replace modern energy sources we have today.

This stylish solar work light provides an easy and efficient way to light up a workspace, which for those hard-to-reach projects where power is not easily accessible. It use high quality chips, which can produce you up to 3500 lumens output and 3-12 hours of endurance depending on your brightness setting. The light has humanized design and exquistie worksmanship, with high lumen & convenient multi power supply elevate your outdoor experience. lt also supports different charging options. You can charge it either with solar panel on the top or the through DC 12 volts port here. Reduce your anxiety for the lighting endurance. lt’s very easy to amount this work light. With this telescopic tripod, you can adjust the height up to 2.2m and change the angle of the light. Built-in mosquito repellent to avoid mosquito bite when you doing outdoor activities. It is beneficial for many uses such as camping, automotive work, construction sites, garden, workplace, courtyard, outdoor, emergency situation and anywhere it is difficult to get lighting whenever there is not a power source is not available.

The solar work light works in all areas, making them ideal for areas with limited access to power. In addition, the portable and environmentally friendly nature can make them an excellent replacement for ordinary lighting and a good option for areas with no access or limited access to an electrical grid.

With a multitude of different variations and functions the portable solar light can be adjusted to suit any lighting need. Whether you’re just completing some jobs around the house, working in dark spaces on a work site or going camping with your friends and family, the portable solar light will be be the perfect addition every time.