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LED work lights are an essential component to a clean and safe work environment and are an added safety element for your vehicle. LED lighting can be a dependable choice for work areas because they are 90% more efficient than regular lightbulbs. GOOD LIGHTING have innovated our already useful LED work lights to make a better one for the user who needs a bright light without it being a blinding light.

This LED 18V jobsite work light with long service life and can help you to save your time for 18V power tool battery replacement. Built-in battery and tool buckle, easy to replace the power tool battery. It features versatile operations and multi convertors. It is a portable LED site lighting solution, with interchangeable lithium-ion battery system, powered by Bosch/ Makita/ Milwaukee/ Dewalt 18V battery pack. Which provides high-powered brightness, produces 2000lm/ 3000lm/ 5000lm to illuminate large work spaces. 

The benefits of using this LED work light for your garage, shop, and work area include:
Providing extra lighting to the area. This helps users light up areas around their vehicle or workspace that are normally not illuminated by standard lighting. The extra area of lighting and brightness provided by LED work lights can be helpful when working at night on a secluded street, in a dimly lit workshop, or while on a job site.
Being more energy-efficient. The LED work light uses scant amounts of power, yet outperform more traditional technologies.
Maintaining durability and reliability. The LED work light does not have fragile glass elements or filaments. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for workspaces because they can withstand knocks, drops, or tumbles better than the average light unit.

Installing with ease. The led bulbs equipped with high brightness light beam and infrared illuminate technology, provide true wireless lighting to your vision while you are away from home or office. The battery can be disassembled and replaced, and the lithium ion battery pack is easy to replace. 

Suitable for construction sites, garages, workshop, home remodel, car repairing, camping, hiking, car repairing, Fishing, Barbecue, Workshop, Exploring etc any indoor outdoor activities. The perfect gift for power tool battery style work lights and other accessories. The best replacement for traditional electric or manual led work light. The perfect tool for your power tool battery, and you can get an extra light source of energy.