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GO-MINI Solar Pocket Lamp -- Shenzhen Good Lighting


When you are in a bind, a rechargable solar pocket lamp with USB output (power bank function) is the perfect solution. For emergency purposes, it can help you organize your tools, alert other drivers of your presence on the side of the road if your car is stalled, and is lightweight enough to carry with you. Its small size makes it ideal to store within your trunk, tie down in your cabin, or hide in an under-floor storage area.

It is waterproof, which makes it an ideal companion if you are going camping and get stuck in an unexpected rain shower. As well as it is drop-proof & shock-proof, ensures the device working properly even it crashes or drops, an effective tool in tornado and earthquake. The magnetic base for easy mount on any metal items and handle give your hands freedom while working.

With solar energy technology, environmental friendly and could recharge itself under sunshine for emergency purpose when outside.

It also can be used as a power bank facility to simultaneous charge Android, ios and other smart devices at high speed.

In short, this multifunctional solar pocket lamp is perfect for outdoor events, such as Fishing, Camping , Hiking, Workshop, Emergency backup and etc.

Light your outdoor adventures and power a wide range of other activities using this solar pocket lamp, Mini but with super energy!