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Choose the tool lights that can fit your application


If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. And having quality tool work lights is essential. These lights are the workhorse of your garage or workshop. They are trustworthy, reliable, and always illuminate your way.

So, what are the best tool work light for you?

Check out our brand new PRO-TOOL, cordless work light match with power tool 18V batteries.Together with a Korean designer, we develop this patent, compact size and portable led work light.It’s a 20W LED lamp, and we have two battery base, one access to 18V Bosch power tool battery, you can buy the battery from us or you can use original Bosch battery.Another is the Makita base, then you can use any 18V power tool batteries from Makita.

What if we want to access to more other brands?

From the Makita base, we have developed some extra adapters. With different adapters, you can put onto the Makita base and you can access to Milwaukee/DeWalt/Bosch/Stanley and other brands.

Let’s look at some other features on the PRO-TOOL.Here we have a detachable diffuser,without the diffuser you can have more spot focus light beam, with high brightness, on the highest mode is 1800 Lumen.When you add on the milky diffuser, you can have a more spread light beam, also you can enjoy a softer and comfortable light.

The next is the rotatable head, 270 degree rotatable head and positioning knob, it will give you any specific direction of light.

There are four different light modes on this lamp, high-middle-low, and also strobe. On the highest light mode, it gives 1800 lumen, when you run on the low light mode you will have a much longer working time.

Here are some details on the base.In the middle of the base, there is a small hole, it will allow you to install the lamp on a tripod.And the hole on the bottom, which is for wall mounted.

From the base, we also have very strong magnet, which allow you to attach the lamp to any metal surface. This will get your hands free when you at work.With the magnet base, you can collect the small screw and nuts on it also.On the base, there is a folded hook, with the hook you can carry the lamp around very easily, and it’s a open hook, which allow you to hang it anywhere.

So this versatile 20W LED work light, gives 1800 lumen and match with four brand 18V power tool batteries, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee and DeWalt, and more brand solutions will upon request.It is a must have work light in your tool kit.