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Illuminate any Indoor or Outdoor Space with a Powerful and Portable Work Light


Amazingly versatile, a work light can be used anywhere, indoors and outdoors, at a professional work site or home. Whenever you need on-demand lighting, a work light delivers powerful illumination at just the press of a button.


We highly recommend this new work light as it is packed with a host of fantastic features. It has everything you need to work smarter at a professional job site or home.

The PRIME-CORDLESS with 10W 20W 30W and 50W, powered by 18650 Lithium battery.With all this rechargeable portable work lights, it can light up your work anytime anywhere even without a power source.There are two light modes, the high light mode runs 3 hours and low light mode runs 6 hours.It is durable, compact, lightweight with high-quality aluminum housing and of course IP65 rated water resistant,suitable for any outdoor activities.We have magnet base, which you can attach to some metal surface to get your hands free.

The PRIME-CORDED with 10W 20W 30W and 50W also,the housing and main features are the same as PRIME-CORDLESS Series,the only difference it’s powered by AC cord with fitted plug.With 100lm/W efficiency, whether you are working indoors or outdoors, it will cast a powerful beam of bright white light that will dispel the darkness in any work area.What’s more,we have CE and ETL certificates for European and US market.

One of the biggest feature we have is we have very flexible add on solutions.

For example flexible bracket, you can carry it and you can hang it anywhere, with the rubber base, it can protect the lamp in a tough construction site.

There is more option for the PRIME, you can install two PRIME on a tripod, as this tripod set two lamps in one main plug and one switch to control them.