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What is the purpose of the power adapter?


The power adapter is extremely versatile. From the perspective of daily life, it is used in daily life, such as fans, ventilation fans, household humidifiers, electric shaving, aromatherapy, electric heaters, electric heating quilts, electric heating clothing, beauty instruments, massage instruments, etc. arrive. In addition to these things we come into contact with every day, there are also some things that we ignore, such as LED lamps and lighting equipment in our homes. With the implementation of the national energy-saving and emission reduction policy, LED-type energy-saving lamps have long been accepted by consumers, and their bright The degree and power saving effect are affirmed by consumers. In this case, the demand for power adapters will definitely increase further. With a population of more than one billion in China, the demand for lighting is a large number, and the demand for power adapters is also huge. In addition, there are projectors, cameras, printers, notebook computers, network hardware equipment, TV sets, display screens, radios, sweepers, tape recorders, video recorders, sweeping robots, stereos and other household appliances.
In addition to the things we usually see, power adapters are also used in some larger electronic products. For example, CNC machine tools, industrial automation control systems, control equipment, microprocessor systems, industrial control equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, instruments and some electrical equipment, medical equipment and so on. The scientific research electronic products used in scientific research in colleges and universities also involve power adapters. There are also security systems in the usual large shopping malls: smart cameras, fingerprint locks, electronic locks, surveillance cameras, alarms, electric bells, and access control. It can be said that power adapters are everywhere. The list is only a part of his applications. In fact, the use of power adapters is not limited to these fields. As long as we find out with our hearts, we will find that it brings us great convenience.
It can be said that the market development of electronic and digital products has driven the development of the power adapter industry. The huge user group is the foundation of the industry's development. Today, with the rapid development of technology, the explosive growth of various electronic products will definitely lead to the vigorous development of subsidiary industries. , and the power adapter is the basis for the operation of these electronic products, and its function is irreplaceable.