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How to use the battery adapter reasonably


(1) Prevent using the battery adapter in a humid environment to prevent flooding. Whether you place the power adapter on the table or on the ground, be careful not to place water glasses or other wet objects around it to prevent the adapter from getting wet.
(2) Prevent using the battery adapter in a high temperature environment. In a high temperature environment, many people tend to only pay attention to the heat dissipation of electronic devices, while ignoring the heat dissipation of battery adapters. In fact, the heat generation of many battery adapters is not inferior to that of electronic devices such as notebooks, mobile phones, and tablets. When in use, the battery adapter can be placed in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight and ventilated, and a fan can be used for auxiliary convection heat dissipation. At the same time, you can put the adapter on its side and put some small objects between it and the contact surface to increase the contact surface of the adapter with the surrounding air, strengthen the air flow, and dissipate the heat faster.
(3) Use a battery adapter that matches the model. If the original power adapter needs to be replaced, you should purchase and use a product that is consistent with the original model. If an adapter with mismatched specifications and models is used, there may be no problem in a short period of time. However, due to differences in manufacturing processes, long-term use may damage electronic equipment, reduce its life, and even cause risks such as short circuit and burnout.

All in all, the battery adapter should be kept in a heat-dissipating, ventilated and dry environment to prevent humidity and high temperature. The power adapters of different brands and models of electronic devices have differences in output interface, voltage and current, so they cannot be mixed. When the adapter has abnormal conditions such as high temperature and abnormal noise, it should be stopped in time. When not in use, unplug or cut off the power from the power socket in time. Try not to use the power adapter to charge in thunderstorm weather, in order to prevent the damage to electronic products and even the personal safety of users caused by lightning strikes.