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Application of LED floodlights in places


We know that floodlights include: spotlights, high pole lights, tunnel lights and so on. Taking these three lamps as an example, let's take a look at their applications. The first is the flood light, which is mainly used in school playgrounds, large entertainment venues and prisons; high pole lights are mainly used in vehicle-intensive areas in the center of the road; tunnel lights are undoubtedly used in tunnels. Traditional floodlights have high power, large power consumption, and average light efficiency, and are very inefficient. As a result, a new type of floodlight product was applied, that is, LED floodlight. Also known as LED flood light, LED high pole light, LED tunnel light. Compared with traditional floodlights, LED floodlights have low power, low power consumption, and extremely strong light efficiency, and also have a very good energy-saving effect. Very suitable for application in the field of floodlights.