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How do buyers identify low-quality floodlights when purchasing?


1. Looking at the weight, the 100w of the same level is better if the weight is sufficient, whether the shell material is sufficient, the thickness of the heat sink and the length of the individual, the thickness is thicker, the number is more, and the length is better.
2. Looking at the wattage, some manufacturers of 100w can't achieve this high, maybe only 50w or 75w.
0.5W and 0.75W.
3. Look at the sealing, whether the waterproofing is done well or not. If the sealing is done well, it will not be easy for water to enter. That is to say, the waterproof performance is good. As long as the lamp shell is good and the sealing strip is good, it must be IP65 or above.
4. Looking at the power supply, it may be disassembled to see the power supply. In order to save costs, some manufacturers do not add a waterproof epoxy resin to the power supply.
5. Looking at the craftsmanship, the quality of the whole lamp is related to the power supply of the lamp, the light source and the sealing strip, the thickness of the cable, the use of thermal grease, and the craftsmanship of the workers (carefulness, welding process).