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LED floodlight repair method


LED floodlights are mainly used for architectural decorative lighting and commercial space lighting. The decorative components are heavy, and their appearance is round or square. Because of different reasons for heat dissipation and application environment, their appearance will be mostly Different, but the original is the same. So, what if the LED flood light is broken, it does not light up, it flashes, sometimes it is bright, and it is slightly bright?
The LED flood light is broken, mainly because of the light source and drive, and the most important thing is that the light source and power supply used are not good, and it is easy to cause problems. The reasons why the LED flood light does not light up are:
1. The power supply is broken and the power supply is not energized: the failure of the lamp is basically the power supply, and the power supply provides a constant current working voltage for the light source. Often, many floodlights are broken because of the power supply. Another reason is that the power supply is good, which means that the flood light can be on for a while at the beginning and then start to flash. This is mainly because the heat of the lamp beads cannot be dissipated, resulting in the flashing all the time. Another reason is that the temperature difference between winter and summer in some areas changes greatly, which leads to the high or low working temperature of the power supply, which cannot run stably.
2. The light source is broken and does not light up: The general flood light uses integrated lamp beads, the current of the power supply is too high, and the lamp beads are originally open or dead. In addition, the waterproofing of the floodlight is not done well, water has entered the lamp, which causes the lamp bead to burn out, the chip life is not long, and the quality is not good.
3. Wire solder joints are soldered, resulting in no power supply: the integrated lamp beads in the floodlight are connected to two wires, whether the lamp beads have virtual soldering, false soldering, cold soldering, whether the power input line has loose connection points, open circuits, etc. , and check whether the connecting wire of the driver is damaged.
Finally, LED floodlights are all high-power LED products. Manufacturers with good quality will undergo strict aging tests before leaving the factory to ensure that they are good products in the hands of consumers. No manufacturer of electronic products dares to guarantee 100% failure. If there is a problem, please contact the manufacturer in time for after-sales service. The warranty of the floodlight is at least 2 years.