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Why are LED floodlights more and more popular for outdoor lighting?


Why are LED floodlights becoming more and more popular? So today let's take a look at the definitions and characteristics of floodlights!
The main features of LED floodlights are:
1. According to different applications, various application brackets can be designed so that the LED floodlight can be adjusted in any direction. and easy to install.
2. Integrated heat dissipation structure design, compared with the general structure design, the heat dissipation area is increased by 80% to ensure the luminous efficiency and service life of the LED; the structure design of the lamp increases the airflow heat dissipation channel.
3. It has a larger dimming angle than typical LED lights, making it more flexible to use.
4. Special waterproof design, built-in rainwater channel, and processing of special circuit boards, even if water enters, it will not affect the use of lamps.
Literally understood, LED floodlights will flood light and shadow. Because of the dense floodlights, the brightness of the floodlighted surface is higher than the surrounding environment, so the floodlights are also called LED projection lights or LED spotlights. The full name in English is LED floodlights. LED floodlights control the lighting range and intensity through a built-in microchip.