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Features of camping lights


Brightness is always the theme of lamps, and the brightness of camp lights is also measured in lumens. Generally, the brightness of camp lights is between 100-240 lumens, which is slightly higher than that of headlights. If it is placed in the tent for lighting, a 100-lumen camp light is enough for 2-3 people; if it is going to be used in the camp kitchen, you can consider a brighter camp light; if it is going to be used for photos of public parts of multiple tents or It is the lighting for multi-person gatherings, and camp lights with more than 200 lumens can be considered.

The durability of the camp lamp is mainly in two aspects: a solid shell and a certain waterproof ability.
Camp lights will be stuffed into backpacks like other equipment, and collision and extrusion are inevitable. Therefore, a strong shell is very important for camp lights. High-quality camp lights are made of tough and flexible plastic.
Camp lights don't need to be completely waterproof, but some waterproofing is necessary. Because sometimes the outdoor camping environment is very humid, it is not uncommon for the camping environment to appear as if it has just rained in the morning, even in the dry north. There is a standard for waterproof ability. Generally, high-quality camp lights can provide IPX4 waterproof level, which is enough to cope with outdoor humid environments.

Easy to use and lightweight

Some camp lights emphasize hanging use, like a lantern with a handle on the top that can be carried or hooked, and the light bulb is placed at the bottom; some camp lights are designed to be placed on a table, with a good bracket at the bottom, and the light bulb is placed on two sides. side; some camp lights have both.