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Work lights must meet the following requirements


1. For lighting, appropriate illuminance should be selected according to visual requirements, operation nature and environmental conditions, appropriate brightness distribution and lighting uniformity should be adopted, unnecessary shadows should be reduced, and the visual space should be clear;

2. Correct selection of light sources and lamps, limit glare, and require no flicker to reduce irritability and anxiety;

3. Reasonable selection of light sources to reduce the adverse effects of light, heat and ultraviolet radiation on people and objects;

4. Handle the selection of light color and color rendering index well, make it harmonious and harmonious, and create a favorable color discrimination environment for work and life, so as to create a light environment that makes people feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful in work and activities.

5. Most of the visual operations in the logistics warehouse occur on the vertical plane, that is, the vertical plane of the shelf or the vertical plane of the goods. Therefore, in addition to ensuring the basic horizontal illuminance of the aisle floor, the vertical illuminance of the goods or shelves determines the lighting. The most critical factor for quality; proper lighting should provide adequate and uniform lighting across the viewing vertical of the entire shelf (top to bottom) throughout the aisle.