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Milwaukee Work Light Principle


"Milwaukee Gas Light: Milwaukee Gas Light" is a weather app with unique settings from developer Stefanik Software LLC.The software is based on the gas light on the roof of the Wisconsin Gas Co., Ltd., a real-life weather-identifying landmark in Milwaukee.Generally speaking, the software also provides the weather forecast function like ordinary weather applications, but it puts the photo of the gas lamp in it ingeniously.In addition to intuitively looking at the data to understand the weather, users can also look at the color of the lights to identify the temperature of the weather: when the flame is red, the temperature is just right; when the flame is golden yellow, it means it's cold; when the flames are blue, the weather is unchanged; when there are flickering flames, there may be rain or snow.In addition, it mainly supports screenshots to share with friends.Practicality...ahem, I think it's more entertaining...