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Comparison between LED light and energy-saving lamps


We have to be aware that in the selection of LED lamp cup and ordinary energy-saving lamps, we usually choose the energy-saving lamp 12w to meet our everyday lighting requirements, but it is enough for 3W to do it, if we choose LED spotlight, however the price is also greatly different.

For example, we took 3w LED lamp and t 12w energy-saving lamps in the market into comparison. These two lamps simultaneously lit for 8 hours, conducting an energy consumption test, 8 hours later, we found that ordinary 12w energy-saving lamp consuming electricity of 0.096 kWh, and 3w LED lights only 0.024 kWh instead. That is to say, daily savings is 0.072 degrees, and annual savings of 26.28 degrees.

Although the price of LED lamp is higher than others, except its energy-saving, lifetime is mush longer with more than 40,000 hours also, so it’s worthy of purchase of LED lights after considering we hold the principle of living to promoting energy conservation and environmental protection.