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Topsale Product, Ready To Ship Direct from CN!!


When you visit the Alibaba.com market, you will quickly find that some products are labeled as "Ready for Ship"(can be abbreviated as “RTS”). If you have specific purchasing requirements around how quickly you need the goods or how you intend to pay, knowing what this label means will be important.


From our factory, every beginning of the year, we will give some opportunities to our clients to promote the goods in stocks for urgent order management. Lets see what we could do for your local market.

What are Ready to Ship products on GOOD LIGHTING?

GDWORKLIGHT.COM supplies the Ready to Ship goods to help buyers immediately deal with urgent order management. Wherever you look for ready goods, we could provide them fitting your specific established criteria:

· The product is available for immediate purchase with minor or no customization

· The shipping fees for the product are certain and shown upfront

· The price of the product is fixed and non-negotiable

· The product will leave the supplier’s warehouse within 7-15 days after you place your order

Buyers can quickly make sourcing decisions because they can expect these specifications once a product is labeled “Ready to Ship”. 

Compared to Ready to Ship products, our factory can provide OEM or ODM services, like the products are labeled as “customized”. With customized products, buyers have extensive latitude to discuss the pricing, quality, quantity, shipping options, payments, and many more specifications around the products. Simply put, you can decide to negotiate with a supplier to create a product entirely from scratch when it concerns customized products.


Features of Ready to Ship products

Apart from the fixed criteria you can expect from Ready to Ship products, these goods also have some typical features.

· Quantity: You do not need to worry about the low minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements--usually lower than customized products

· Customization: If you really inquiry of specific colors or sizes, even logo printing or customized packaging design, we do suggest you to pick from customization options.

· Price: Customized products have more flexibility. While the standard products ready to ship have confirmed price and stable market.

· Delivery: Ready to Ship products can leave the warehouse almost at once, which can meet your urgent order management.

Overall, the Ready to Ship goods makes product sourcing faster and easier for buyers by helping to clarify product specs.

What we have on Ready to Ship products?

Summer Camping Vibes is approaching, let’s try these following high-rated items for build your five-stars short touring experience.

1.10W Portable SMD LED Work Lamp (3 Brightness Levels & Red Fog Lamp & Red Flashing Light);

2.10W Foldable COB LED Work Lamp (2 Brightness Levels & Red Fog Lamp & Red Flashing Light;

3.5W Remote Control Camping Lantern with Fan (3 Speed Gear & 3 Brightness Level, Timer-Setting).

4.AC corded LED Vehicle Inspection Work Lamp (25W 2000LM, cable holder slot for easy storage, foldable lighting base & portable round handle; great heating disspation design)

5.Household Improvement -- Good Sleeping aid -- WHITE NOISE MACHINE with rechargeable build-in battery system and selectable 37 soothing sounds, as well as the music playing function.

Finally, let’s get start to sourcing your preferred items! Welcome to contact us for order support of Ready To Ship products.


More product news, please don’t hesitate to google us at www.gdworklight.com for inquiry anytime. Thank you for your attention.