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Some tips for better using your GO-STRIP Safelight with drum


grünes Nachleuchten

Spannung: 220-240V

Länge: 25 Meter

Max. verbundene Länge: 150 Meter

Breite x Höhe: 18mm x 8mm

Helligkeit: 1500lm/m

Leistung: 300W – 12W/m

Farbtemperatur: 3000K

Abstrahlwinkel: 120°

IP Klasse: IP65

Arbeitstemperatur: -25° bis +45°C

LED Typ, Menge: SMD2835, 180LED/m

Lebensdauer: 30.000 Stunden (L70)

Dimmbar: Ja

Maße: 32x26x39 cm

Komplettgewicht: 7 kg

Make sure that the voltage in the socket matches the voltage on the

product voltage matches.

Place the LED strip out of reach of children.

The LED strip should always be fully rolled out before it is powered by power

is supplied.

Never use the LED construction strip light when it is rolled up on the drum.

This can lead to overheating.

Do not use the LED tape light if it is damaged. Check the

LED strips always before use.

Avoid excessive twisting. This can lead to internal rupture of the LED strip.

If the cable or LED snake is damaged, the product must

be disposed of.

24-hour continuous operation of the LED snake shortens the service life.

This product is not for use by children or people with

limited physical, sensory or mental abilities, or

by persons with a lack of experience and knowledge in dealing with

the product

Gently pull the LED tape out of the drum.

Always mount the LED connectable strip light according to the assembly instructions.

Connect to a suitable power outlet.

When the work is complete, unplug the plug from the socket or

turn off the device.

If necessary, clean the LED strip drum and the connection cable with a

dry or slightly damp cloth. Never use Chemicals.

PLEASE NOTE: The product must not be powered while

it is mounted or rolled out of the drum.


Please note the following points when assembling this product:

Cables and connectors should not be stretched. Also, the LED strip should not be twisted.

The LED strip is completely encapsulated and designed for versatile use. It

can be mounted in different ways and works both horizontally and

vertical. When mounting the LED strip, it is important that the encapsulation is intact