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Plug standards in the world


1. At present, there are generally two types of voltage used for indoor electricity in the world, namely, 100V~130V and 220~240V. The former is low voltage (electricity), and the latter is high voltage (electricity). Low voltage (electricity) focuses on safety, while high voltage (electricity) focuses on efficiency.


2. Only Japan and South Korea use 100V voltage; Countries and regions using 110-130V include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Lebanon, Taiwan, etc; Countries and regions using 220V-230V include China, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Greece, Austria, the Philippines, Norway, etc


3. Plugs are roughly divided into five types: national standard plug, American standard plug, British standard plug and European standard plug.


4. The national standard plug has three flat heads; American standard plug is one round and two flat; The British standard plug has three square heads; The European standard plug has two round heads.