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SHENZHEN GOOD LIGHTING access to Portable Outdoor LED Projector Light & Rechargeable Camping Work Light, Telescoping LED reflector lamp including one-piece light tower, dual-head LED flood light with tripod, transformable tri-head LED flood light with tripod, etc.

WHY choose “Factory Direct Sales”?

Quality Control: GOOD LIGHTING own itself factory,  maintaining the stable quality of product. We guarantee quality in two aspects: one one hand, we always make a pre-production sample before mass production; on the other hand, we always do final inspection before shipment.

Cost Control: GOOD LIGHTING could help you manage the greater initial costs, like the tooling cost for developing a new project, but efficiencies may develop over time and lower them.

Relationships: GOOD LIGHTING, as a manufacturer, has direct connection with customers, which can support brand loyalty. We could help you laser your branded logo on goods, and design corresponding product packaging boxes according to your requirements.

Logistics: We are responsible for all aspects of distribution.

Delivery Time: Potentially more streamlined due to direct route. Confirmed leading time of production make sure the stable delivery time.

Brand: We can enhance the customer experience and help client build their own branded awareness.

Profit: There is no middle man earn profits from the transactions with Factory Direct Sales Channel.

Core Value: GOOD LIGHTING, Better Life! Our products are designed to avoid visual fatigue and alterations in the nervous system, improving health and safety conditions.


Good Lighting was establishes to create an innovative concept for environmentally friendly lighting requirements. Drawing on the vast experience of LED technology since 2011, the team at Good Lighting has been designing, developing, and manufacturing a new generation of LED lighting solutions for numerous applications in job sites.


We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to contact us and establish long-term business relations (including but not limited to OEM and ODM business) to promote the new, healthy lighting technology.