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power station for your emergency backup


1. What is UPS uninterruptible power supply?


Knowledge of UPS power supply


UPS uninterruptible power supply, collectively known as "Uninterruptible Power Supply", is equipped with lead batteries, inverters and other equipment.


So what is the purpose of UPS uninterruptible power supply? Here's what I think of UPS uninterruptible power supplies: backup power in case of emergency


It can be simply imagined as a large fixed charging treasure of UPS uninterruptible power supply, which is connected to the equipment that needs electricity on weekdays, and in the event of an emergency, the UPS uninterruptible power supply will begin to stably supply power to the equipment.


UPS uninterruptible power supply can be summarized in three words: reliability, emergency, stability


It doesn't need to get your attention all the time, just jack it up in an emergency.

2. The price of UPS uninterruptible power supply


At present, the price range of UPS power supplies is still very large, from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of dollars of UPS.


However, too expensive UPS power supplies are basically used by enterprises, and household choices can be hundreds to 1500.


If it is an ordinary low-power household that wants to maintain a few minutes, such as computers, workstations, etc., choose an entry-level UPS for a few hundred yuan.


If it is a small company or a long-term household, you can choose a UPS power supply of 800 yuan - 1500 yuan.


If it is medium and large industrial use, it is necessary to choose a UPS power supply of more than 2,000 yuan, and the specific price depends on the situation.


3. Classification of UPS uninterruptible power supply


At present, UPS power supplies on the market are divided into two categories: online and backup


1. Fallback


The backup type has a low price, small size, the inverter does not maintain a long-term running state, low energy consumption, so it is more suitable for household use, and you can buy the entry model within 300 yuan.


However, the disadvantages of the backup type are also obvious, there will be a slight delay in the case of power failure, such as home computers, there is generally no situation, but high-precision equipment is easy to cause damage.


2. Online


Online UPS uninterruptible power supply is more expensive, compared with the backup type, the online inverter is always running, so the online energy consumption is high.


However, the advantage of this is that in the event of a power outage, the online UPS can supply power without delay. Ideal for use in large-scale equipment with high precision.


Companies can choose more expensive (about 1500 yuan and above) online UPS, high household budget, or high-precision equipment can choose (800-1500 yuan) online UPS.


And because of the different forms and placement methods of online UPS, online UPS is divided into tower, rack and module.


Tower: Like a desktop computer host, it is placed upright, and the entry-level online UPS is mostly tower-type, mostly used in homes and companies.


Two. Under what circumstances is the UPS power supply used?

The use of UPS uninterruptible power supply is too wide, from scientific research to home, just like I used to play in the dormitory when I was in college.


If I say this, you may not know too much about the practicality of UPS power supply, then I will talk about the application scenarios in life.


1. Power outages (tripping, arrears, dormitory power outages)


Think about it that you played online games all night, and finally came to the crossing, lagged behind in the early stage of the game, reversed the madness in the middle to catch up with each other, and it was the tense time of the match point/team battle,


With a "click", the computer screen goes black and the router turns off.


The whole effort fell short.


Think of yourself at home knocking on a plan, after Party A rejected it countless times, you finally found inspiration, and wrote down a lot of it, when it was almost done,


"Drip" sounded, tripped.


The system disk is damaged.


Think about it when you were writing all night and suddenly there was the sound of the dormitory aunt shouting "power off" outside, just as you were preparing to save it.


With a "ding-dong", the dormitory went dark.


The file is not saved.


Think about it... Forget it, don't think about it, I'm afraid of being beaten ...


2. The voltage is unstable


Friends who have used mobile hard disks should know that voltage instability is the nemesis of hard disks, which can cause file loss and damage.


In fact, at the beginning of the article I mentioned: UPS uninterruptible power supply is not a must-have, it is a means of emergency, it is likely that it is not used much, but once you really need to use it, it will definitely not let you down.


2. How to choose the right UPS uninterruptible power supply?


To choose a suitable UPS uninterruptible power supply, the main thing is to look at the following points:


1. Wattage


First of all, we must first look at the wattage of equipment using UPS uninterruptible power supply, such as the use of a 300W computer at home, then you must choose a 300W or more.


And also leave some space, such as a 300W computer, the minimum to choose a 500W UPS to ensure that the UPS is not running on load.


2. Milliampere


Pay attention to the number of milliamps before purchasing, the larger the battery capacity, the more time it can maintain the use of the device after a power outage.


3. NAS compatible


In the case of home computers, routers, etc., UPS can be used, but if it is a NAS, you need to pay attention to compatibility.


In addition to these three points, there are noise, material, layout, etc. to consider, but I personally think that the most important is the above three points, and most UPS can now achieve below 40 decibels in terms of noise.