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The Silent Atmosphere Group


With the continuous progress of society, people's pursuit of healthy life is also improving, so they pay more and more attention to the quality of lighting environment. Choosing the right light source and light color is one of the important factors to create a high quality lighting environment, because the environment of different light color gives us different psychological feelings. We usually use the color temperature (CCT unit "K") to describe the light color.

In our daily life, we usually divide the color temperature into three levels: low, medium and high color temperature. Studies have shown that low color temperature light is beneficial to the secretion of melatonin, help human body relax, and then beneficial to sleep and promote health; Medium color temperature can improve the excitement of people's brain, make people concentrate, thus improve the efficiency of work and study; High color temperature will give people a negative feeling of gloomy and cold, so general lighting should be avoided as far as possible.

If you follow the development trend of LED lighting, you will see some led lights are labeled with "5000K" or "Fluorescent lamp". This means that the color temperature of LED lights tends to be similar to the color temperature of sunlight. What's more, they don't contain too much blue or yellow light. For electricians, this will help them see the colors of different wires. For painters, the color adjusted under such light is also closer to the real color, so that it will not appear to have too much deviation in the daytime. For most people in the construction industry, color accuracy is not that important. They can easily complete the work under the light of 3500K color temperature. We've found that lighting at certain color temperatures can make people feel more comfortable, especially at night.

The light with about 4000-4500K color temperature, you can see relatively accurate color. If you often work at night, light with the color temperature of 2700-3200K, can make your eyes feel more comfortable.

Nowadays many smart lamps have color temperature adjustment settings for the scene, which can be adjusted to the appropriate color temperature and brightness with one click. Such as our eye-caring wooden desk lamp series.

The blending of light with different color temperatures and space can bring out different spatial atmosphere effects. It is like a silent atmosphere group, affecting many other aspects of people's work, life and emotions quietly. Good Lighting believes that the primary purpose of lighting is to create good visibility and a comfortable and pleasant environment. Therefore, in addition to developing various high-quality lighting fixtures, Good Lighting also hopes that consumers can better understand how to choose suitable lighting fixtures through publicity of lighting knowledge. Let's use beautiful lights together to embellish a happy life!