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Caution in using 84 disinfectant in LED environment


In order to fight the final battle against COVID—19, it is inevitable for enterprises to control and disinfect LED storage, production and use environment, and disinfectant is one of the commonly used disinfection methods.

At present, the commonly used virus killing products recommended by all walks of life are: 84 disinfectant, medical alcohol and ultraviolet lamp.

However, in the LED environment, special attention should be paid to that the 84 disinfectant is mainly composed of hypochlorite (and hypochlorite), and its disinfection principle is strong oxidation. Our LED bracket is silver 

plated, which is easy to react with halogen elements, resulting in appearance and light color variation.Therefore, 84 disinfectant contains chlorine and bromine, which will corrode LED devices and display products and cause 

damage, so it is not recommended. In addition, other bromine containing disinfectants and chlorine dioxide disinfection tablets should also be used with caution.

In the process of strengthening the prevention, control and disinfection of COVID-19 epidemic situation and ensuring normal and safe production, due to the strong corrosion characteristics of halogen containing disinfectant, 

in order to better avoid the adverse effects of halogen containing disinfectant on LED lamp beads and display screen, attention must be paid to:

1、It is recommended that 75% medical alcohol be used for wiping and disinfection of LED lamp beads in the workshop where patch and screen are installed. Halogen containing disinfectant (such as 84 disinfectant) cannot be used for disinfection. 

2.、During disinfection, it is necessary to turn off the power supply, eliminate open fire, prevent static electricity, maintain ventilation and pay attention to safety.