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We advance that it is a holiday in the United Kingdom during the Christmas holidays and that it is celebrated with different activities depending on the country.


In this post we are going to explain everything related to this holiday. What is Boxing Day, why is it called that, where it is celebrated and what activities are carried out.


What is Boxing Day in England? When is it celebrated?

Boxing Day is a public holiday in the United Kingdom. It is celebrated annually the day after Christmas, December 26. Tradition at Christmas Boxing Day

It is a national holiday in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. It draws attention to tourists to know that if Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, the following Monday is a holiday.


If it is Christmas Day that falls on a Saturday, the following Mondays and Tuesdays will be national holidays.


All schools and many other organizations are closed during this period. Many even during the whole week between Christmas and New Year.


What is the origin and meaning of Boxing Day?

Usually the story goes back to the Victorian era, when churches opened the box in which their parishioners had been putting their donations. This money was distributed among the poorest. Currently there are still a few churches that continue to open their boxes on Boxing Day.


It is also said that large sailboats had a sealed box with money to attract good luck. If the trip was successful, the box was given to a priest who opened it on Christmas Day and distributed its contents among the poor the next day.


Another origin story that is told is that in feudal times, the lord of the mansion gathered all those who worked on his land and gave them boxes with agricultural tools, food or fabrics and clothes.


This was given as payment for the work they had done throughout the year.

Likewise, in Great Britain the rich gave the 26th as a day off to servants to go visit their families, since on Christmas Day they had to render their services.


By allowing them to go home, each servant was given a box containing gifts, bonuses, and sometimes food scraps.


The latter has resulted in a party for many officials, administrators, postal staff or press deliverers.

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