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Top CHRISTMAS Gift Ideas of 2022


The holiday season offers us a special opportunity to extend our personal thanks to our friends, and our very best wishes for the future. On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, people select treasured items as a good pray or wish to their family or friends.  

 GOOD LIGHTING brings our top-rated Christmas gifts ideas of 2022. May this vacation will bring you more happiness and a brighter future.


Small Size with Powerful Volume and Immersive Sound.

· Improve sleep

· Reduce crying in babies

· Improve your wok performance

· Lower ADHD symptoms


Color noise machine features total 37 hypnotic sounds. All the sounds are crystal,immersive:

- White noises: likes cicadas in the night sky, frog in rain, bird singing, water drops.

- Pink noises, likes standing fan, train going by.

- Brown noises, likes rainfall, endless thunderstorm.


WHITE NOISE can help you concentrate and focus while working and studying, fall asleep, ideal to calm and soothe babies and help mask the tinnitus.



PINK NOISE is a constant sound in the background. It filters out things that distract you, like people talking or cars going by, so they don’t interrupt your sleep. You may hear it called ambient noise. Like white noise, it’s a steady background hum that may give you a better night’s sleep. But it uses deeper sounds and lower sound waves, so it may be gentler and more soothing. Basically, pink has a lower pitch than white noise.


BROWN NOISE, also called red noise, produces a rumbling sound that’s deeper with a bass-like tone than pink or white noise. The sound level (decibels) decreases as the frequency goes up more than it does in pink noise. It’s similar to a steady heavy rainfall or a shower with good pressure. Some sleep apps use this sound instead of pink noise to give it a deeper, grainier effect. Studies show that brown noise might help lower symptoms if you have ringing in your ears. It’s also shown to improve your thinking skills. More research is needed to see if and how brown noise affects sleep.


Try different sounds, tracks, and volumes to see what works best for you.

If the sound of the wind doesn’t soothe you, try a babbling brook. If a sound machine with pink noise doesn’t help you sleep better, try a few different smartphone apps until you find one that works. Raise the volume or lower it until you find your sweet spot.


If you want to use headphones but they don’t feel good, try earbuds. You can also find special headphones for sleeping. They use a soft headband to keep them in place.


How to Get the Most Out of Color Noise

Pink noise may help you nod off faster and enjoy a longer, deeper sleep. But it won’t work well if you have poor sleep habits.


Let’s work out and get rid of bad sleep habits. Choosing proper color noise to enhance your sleep quality.

A stylish wood textured design, engineered to gracefully blend with the decoration of your office, room or living room.


It diffuses a comfortable LED lighting, customizable to everyone’s needs. It also designed with touch key controls, timer setting, controllable CCT & brightness and it can charge your smartphone!

AN UNIQUE DESIGN: A stylish and wooden design with a sensitive touch control base and eco-friendly finishing.

100% ADJUSTABLE: They adjust to your needs thanks to a 360° rotatable goose neck or a 180° folding axis of light head and base.

LED TECHNOLOGY: The LED luminous panel provides an energy-efficient and smooth light. The adjustable brightness allows you to choose the intensity you decide among 7 levels. And the color temperature ranges from white lighting to warm lighting.


To never running out of battery, you can charge your smartphone or tablet directly from the lamp base using the built-in 5 V 2 A USB output.


GOOD LIGHTING Desk lamp with wireless charger provides fast-charging up to 15W, and we send a 12 V / 3 A adapter. Wireless charger is compatible with any Qi-enabled devices, Such as Apple iPhone 14/14 pro max/14 pro/14 max/13/13 pro max/13mini/12/11/X/8, Samsung S20,S10, HTC 8X, LG G3, SONY Z4Y, etc.

Top-3 More Versatile Choices

(1) White Noise LED Desk Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

(2) Sound Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker & FM Radio


Supports: Microphone, Bluetooth, Hands-free Calls, Volume Control,  Music Playing



Listen to your music wirelessly via the Bluetooth technology. Simply power on, pair and launch any song from your smartphone. Change it in a snap thanks to the lamp touch controls!


The built-in speaker provides the greatest sound experience for those who need a dedicated work atmosphere



FM radio with a telescopic FM antenna, 3.5 mm audio input, and analog volume control. Listen to your favorite station on a FM compact radio. Our AM/FM radio boasts excellent long-range reception and performance.



With It's dual stereo speakers and passive bass radiator,the sound machine can provide greater clarity sound, accurate mids and clear highs,to build a more real sound environment and more efficient mask disruptive noises. The Higher Quality Crystal Clear Sound & Features distance it from the competition.


Owning one bedside desk lamp, a white noise machine, a Bluetooth speaker, a FM Radio, good sleep and relaxing working atmosphere will bring you more energy. Why not pick one you preferred as a new years gift!


Welcome to order!