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How to choose an eye protection desk lamp


Table lamp, as one of the modern household lighting products, often uses a class of auxiliary lighting products, especially in the study and bedside. Although the table lamp is relatively small compared with other indoor lighting products, its quality has a considerable impact. So what kind of table lamp is good when you choose to buy a table lamp? Here is a brief introduction to how to choose a desk lamp that won't hurt your eyes.

How to choose a table lamp that won't hurt your eyes

1. With white light bulbs, scientific research has confirmed that our vision is best under white light, so choose incandescent lamps or frosted lamps that can emit soft and uniform white light rather than color bulbs.

2. The degree of the bulb should be appropriate. If the degree is too low and the light on the book is too dark, it is not easy for us to see the handwriting clearly, which will cause visual fatigue and myopia after a long time. If the degree of the bulb is too high, the excessive light will be reflected to our eyes through the white paper, causing glare, which will continuously shrink the pupils, and then cause eye pain and headache.

3. The size of the bulb should match with the lampshade. It should be ensured that the bulb is just covered in the lampshade to avoid direct light to our eyes.


    4. The height of the desk lamp is also important. Generally, when the eyes are 30cm away from the book, you can see the handwriting clearly without being too tired. It can be calculated that the height of the       desk lamp is 30-50cm away from the written form, which ensures sufficient reading lighting and a certain brightness of the surrounding environment. If the desk lamp is too low, the light will shine in a too           small range and the surroundings will be dark. If the desk lamp is too high, the light will directly shine on our eyes, causing glare; At the same time, close distance strong light will also cause light retention           on the retina, which will tighten the eye muscles and accelerate the decline of vision.

5. The placement of desk lamps also has a great impact on vision. Because most people write with their right hands, the desk lamp should be placed in the left front of the body. When writing, the hand will not block the paper to form a shadow, and the light on the paper will not reflect to our eyes to produce glare.