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Our Hand held LED work light is a portable and extremely lightweight LED spotlight with 4000 lumens. The construction site floodlight with a housing made of break and impact-resistant plastic and additional rubber edge protection on all four corner sides, is perfect for tough and robust use indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the IP44 protection rating and oil-resistant H07RN-F cable this linkable work light 50W can be used in various conditions.  Waterproof Designed, ensure this LED work light works fine in rainy day and no harm from water splashing from all angles.

The portable work light with illuminated on/off switch provides uniform, even and wide-area illumination with glare-free working light with a milky cover. Most of our customers are quite pleasant with this design, soft light range and diffusion light. This site lantern provides a very large field of view (120 degree)with a daylight and pleasant light that minimizes glare and reflexes.The non-flickering light also protects our eyes and minimizes visual fatigue. The 230V work light bracket is adjustable 180 degree to allow for ceiling to floor illumination as required. In addition to the robust design our hand held work light also has excellent features as it is dimmable and has a high degree of color reproduction. The compact and extremely shockproof design of AC POWERED work light fits excellent at jobs that require a lot light, but where space is limited. 

We can therefore promise you that we know what is required and that you can therefore rely on our headlamps in all situationsas in wet, dry, cold, steep, large and small. At the back side you may find two output sockets with 250V 16A.While you illuminate this hand held work light, the output power sockets allow you to connect another lamp or other electrical power tools such as electrical drills. Super humanized design brings you much more convenience to those who are annoyed at cord tangle problems. Plug in the LED work light wherever it's needed most, a simple on/off switch is able to light ON and dim down to 50% with a second press. As you can see, our site light can be widely used in Garage tractor Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Barbecue, Car Repairing, Truck, Shop, Exploring and more Outdoor Activities.

This construction site LED work light also has the following features:

· Type of LED: SMD LEDs

· Luminous flux: 4000 lm

· Power: 44,5 W

· Colour temperature: 6500 K (daylight white)

· Min. / Max. Rated input voltage: 100 - 240 V

· Cable length: 2 m

· Cable designation: H07RN-F 3x1,5

· Protection class II

· Impact of strength IK07

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     Note: What is the meaning of H07RN-F?

The definition of H07RN-F is a harmonised code according to the standard of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC) to  provide a standard specification for electrical leads:

 H – means conformity to harmonised standards

07 – identifies the voltage rating as 450/750V

R – Refers to the EPR insulation

N – Relates to the PCP outer sheath

F – Indicates flexible copper conductors within