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Tuya Smart Flood Light - Enjoy the Colorful Life


  As smart technology concept gradually penetrates into daily life, smart lighting has become the most acceptable product for users. Relying on its own energy-saving management, simple intelligence, high demand frequency and wide range of applications, Tuya Smart Flood Light has become the vanguard of the development of the Internet of Things.

Tuya's Bluetooth mesh industrial lighting solution can help customers accurately control the switch of each area, combined with the warehouse induction control, to achieve low illumination when no one is working, and full brightness of the area group when someone is working. At the same time, it can also achieve 0-100% range of lighting dimming, according to different time and site requirements, minimize the subsequent workshop lighting operation and maintenance costs.


Then, what are the advantages of Tuya System LED Flood Light?


The Smart Flood light RGB+CW+WW use Bluetooth technology to easy connect, or Tuya Smart APP to remote control one or more Led Smart Floodlights. The control distance can reach up to 80M.

2. There are total up to 16 Million vibrant colors choices in the flood light, including Warm White 2700K and Cool Daylight 6500K, 0%-100% adjustable, which provides setting on various light effects 16 MILLION COLORS & MULTI-MODES

fulfilling different environmental needs. You could set the favorite color and adjust the brightness to meet your needs. 8 Light modes can be customized, perfect for Party, Garden, Landscape, Wallwash, Christmas, Wedding, and etc.


LED flood light can change the color according to the rhythm of the music melody, you can choose dynamic or soft music base on your preferences. Easy to pair and allows group control, you can control multiple RGB lights to work together at the same time.

4. TIMING & MEMORY FUNCTIONI You can set the device to turn ON or OFF automatically at a specific time, which will save the energy cost and become more eco-friendly. Memory function will stay at your last set of color and light display mode for a quick access next time, no need to reset it, your life will be more convenient and happier.

5. Optional Motion Sensor

Detect the ambient light intensity to activate the PIR sensor, and use the PIR sensor to detect environmental movement and activate the lighting. (Max detection angle 180°.  Max detection distance 60ft.)

6. 100% IP65 Waterproof & Durable

Our Tuya system LED floodlight with moisture filter, special technology ensures 100% waterproof, dustproof. Made of high quality die-cast aluminum housing and tempered glass, whether it is rain sleet or snow, durable enough to withstand any harsh environment.

In addition to these advantages, Tuya Smart LED Flood Light have a surprisingly good experience. Built-in scenes and effects, multiple scene modes give you a wonderful user experience. Especially great for holiday sand events like Christmas,Halloween, themed birthdays and more.

Technology has changed life, and we deeply feel the various advantages brought by Tuya Smart LED Flood Light, the consumer's sense of experience continues to improve.