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Multi Battery LED Battery Portable Work Light Pro-B-20 (20W, 1140 + 2000lm, compatible with 18V/21V batteries from 7 different manufacturers, without battery, Engineered in Germany)


The concept of All in One power tool work light comes to Mr Sam Chan was the experience when he stayed over one year in Germany. In 2017, he led a team of German workers in a factory, located in Kiel. He once noticed that most of the workers, they have different brands of power tools at hand, e.g. a Bosch electric screwdriver, a Makita demolition hammer, a Dewalt drill, and a Milwaukee dust extractor and etc. An idea came into his mind that why not collaborate all these popular branded batteries.

In the following months, he and our German engineer investigated all these power tools, from the working voltage and current, to its working time and compatibility. At the same time, Sam is also inviting a Korean ID design team to work on the light, from every detail, the color, the housing material, the practicability. Our team also invites working staff from different construction sites to help fill in the questionnaire. It is a survey regarding below issues,


1 what kind of work lights do you prefer to use in your area?

2, which brand of power tools are the most popular in the market?

3, how much would you pay for such a multi-functional site light?

4, How do you prioritize lighting source as important for your work?

5, What is the main important feature when you use a lighting source?

(Strong light source, battery time, weight of product, good handles and

fixtures etc...)

Interviewed Professions:

- Carpenter

- Constructor

- Painter

- Worker & Builder

- Mechanic

Through all these efforts, our Multifunctional power tool site light 18V-21V was born in 2018. And the top important thing is to gain an European patent for what we have designed. It is authorized by EUIPO( a well-known EUROPEAN UNION INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE)

And we started advertising and selling to all over the world.

Now this 7 in 1 18V work light is popular sold in Korea/Europe/Australia/the USA.

My last question, will you buy our BOSCH MAKITA work light for your father, your husband, your grandfather, or your son?