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Global LED Industrial Lighting Market Size and Development Trend Forecast Analysis in 2022


In the field of home lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting and other lighting, LED lamps are gradually replacing traditional lighting, ushering in the demand for large-scale replacement. In the field of industrial lighting, due to the particularity of product application scenarios, industrial lighting has high requirements for product performance, resulting in relatively high production costs for LED lamps, and the replacement process is later than the above-mentioned commercial fields. This field currently has a huge update Replacement market space.

Global Market Scale Analysis

Judging from the current industrial lighting field, the data shows that the global LED lighting market is about 50 billion British pounds, of which the industrial field market accounts for about 7%, and the penetration rate of LED is less than 10%. If calculated according to the penetration rate of 10%, the global industrial The field lighting market size is about 35 billion U.S. dollars (about 320 billion yuan). According to LEDinside data, the scale of LED lighting in China accounts for about 22% of the world. Based on this, the scale of my country's industrial lighting market is estimated to be about 70 billion yuan, and the scale of foreign industrial lighting markets is about 250 billion yuan.

Future trends

1. The industry's energy-saving and environmental protection policies have been vigorously promoted

Under the current industry background of eliminating high-energy-consuming lighting methods, governments of various countries strongly support energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lighting products. The United States, Japan, the European Union, and South Korea have successively launched national semiconductor lighting plans to increase research and development and support. my country is also vigorously implementing energy-saving and environmental protection policies. LED light sources not only have obvious advantages in energy saving, but also have the characteristics of environmental protection, long life, no radiation, and no pollution. Under the same use conditions and lighting effects, LED energy-saving lamps consume only one-third of the power of traditional lamps, and also have a longer service life, which has a good role in promoting enterprises to better complete their energy-saving and emission-reduction goals.

2. Industrial intelligent lighting has become a new trend in the development of the industry

With the continuous advancement of the digital factory, industrial lighting, as an auxiliary equipment for production, is gradually becoming intelligent. As an important direction for the development of LED lighting in the future, the application of intelligent lighting is ushering in a good development stage. In the long run, through cross-domain integration of sensing, communication, positioning and other technologies, industrial lighting applications that combine personalization, human-factor lighting, and intelligence can be further created. With the popularization of the Internet of Everything, digital management and control of lighting assets can eventually be realized, forming The effective linkage between the lighting system and other industrial systems and the integration and management of big data, the future development of LED industrial lighting has broad prospects.

3. Healthy lighting is developing rapidly

With the deepening control of LED light-emitting mechanism and digital control technology, spectral-level control of LED lighting products has become possible. In the field of industrial lighting, the lighting effect achieved by traditional light sources is increasingly unable to meet the multi-dimensional needs of users in terms of physiology, psychology, emotion, and health. Healthy lighting will be an important factor in promoting industrial lighting technology and product selection in the future. driving force.