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Do you need a camping light



Got a case of the pandemic lockdown blues? Itching to experience the great outdoors once again? We hear you and we've got just the solution: camping! A socially distanced activity like this one brings you closer to nature, which helps to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. But when the sun goes down and darkness falls on your surroundings, you're going to need some lighting for safety and security, and we're talking about a portable camping lantern! So after endless months of catalog browsing and daydreaming about our ideal camping trip, we’ve worked out below suitable camping lanterns and battery-operated lanterns that will make your outdoor journey shine.

Light up your camp or patio with the our GO-SITELUX solar camp site Light 3000 lumen lantern & USB power hub. It provides adjustable, multi-directional light to make outdoor cooking, card games and scary stories even better.

Powerful, Portable, and Ready for Anything!

Completely Solar.

Our Solar Camp Site Light Built in USB port for charging your smart phone, tablets and mobile devices. It provides 12 hours of continuous light on one charge. It is great as an area light or as a tent light.

Our Solar Camp Site Light Made of high quality plastic.This solar lantern is waterproof so the lantern can resist water much better, making it much more durable.

Our Solar Camp Site Light have 4 lighting modes: High, Low, SOS and Flashlight modes, which meets different lighting requirements. It is also a Combo of Flood Light and Spot Light. The High mode is ideal for camping, hiking, reading and the low mode is great as an area light or as a tent light.

Our Solar Camp Site Light can be charged by solar power or a USB plug and the charging indicator will tell you when it is fully charged.Extended as a LED camping lantern, folded as a powerful mini flashlight, making it a portable multifunctional LED light. Take it when traveling, camping, hiking, picnic and more.