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Good Lighting shine in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


Stadium and sports lighting solution is like air, its existence is almost forgotten, but it must be properly lit where it is needed. If the lighting is not professional, athletes can sense it the first time. Therefore, the comfort and professionalism of lighting are of great importance to professional venues. 

     or LED lighting expert, the best way to celebrate the Qatar World Cup right now is to create high quality lighting fixture to illuminate the football stadium. We have come up with professional sports lighting solutions to help many of retiring 

stars make their final performances in Qatar World Cup. Come on!

Let's go over the power of stadium lights and their dynamic in providing the best sporting experience for players and fans alike.

1. LED stadium lights are usually divided into narrow, medium and wide angles. According to the use requirements and installation height of stadiums, lamps with different angles are matched. Common LED stadium lighting shell has two kinds of die-cast aluminum and module, the thick die-cast aluminum shell is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and lights designed with modules are strong in three dimensions, have better heat dissipation effects, and more durable, low light decay and longer life.

2. The second is the driver, with big brand driver, will be more energy saving. The LED stadium lights of Good Lighting adopt the well-known Meanwell driver, which is an isolated driver with stable performance, no flicker, high efficiency, more energy saving and environmental friendly.

3. The last one is the light source. Imported light sources usually have higher light efficiency. High quality light source also has a high color rendering index, making objects more realistic and exciting to see.

Arena and stadium lighting have been designed by Good Lighting to transform every soccer match into an amazing show. Each stadium is unique and the design of its lighting requires dedicated solutions. Enhance the show and increase safety with LED lighting fixtures for large sports facilities.