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NEW ARRIVAL LIGHTING Multi-functional LED Desk Lamp



Alpha: 360-degree gooseneck rotatable LED desk lamp

Beta: 180-degree dual pivotable (head and base axis) LED desk lamp

Gamma:360-degree Omnidirectional Illuminating Bulb Desk Lamp with White Noise Speaker & Bluetooth

Long Lifespan of 50,000 hours & After-Sales Service of 12-mounth.

A multifunctional desk lamp includes a base, a lighting body, and a light support connected to the base and the lighting good lighting can make or build a good workstation at night or dark workshop--GOOD LIGHTING develops new arrival lighting--Eye-friendly lamp series with different color and brightness modes, so you can adjust the light to be warmer/cooler, softer or brighter, depending on what you’re working on and where you’re working. Besides, with USB fast charging port and wireless charging base, it is not only lighting fixture, you can keep two digital devices charged at the same time and within arm’s reach.

Wooden Desk Lamp, perfect for home-reading;office desktop, workbench, hotel bedside, etc.

Eye-friendly LED Charging Desk Lamp: Alpha & Beta

What Kinda Common features: 

Beech wood lamp housing material

36W AC 100V-240V DC15V Power Supply

Multi-angle adjustment & 7 x 4 inches measured base to save your desk space and you can carry it anywhere to use.

Space-saving wooden base with effortless touch key control system: Start with ON/OFF key, you can separate control the key-touch icon to adjust 5-mode color temperature (2700K-6500K) or 7-level brightness;   

Memory function of color to easily store your personal settings for the next use.

And it is allowed to preset 30/60 min.timer to turn off the light automatically when you fall asleep.

Flicker-free, eye protection reading lamp idea for study, relaxation.

Power Bank Station for digital devices.5V 2A USB output to easily charge your electronic equipment when the desk lamp connect with direct current.

Quality QI Certificate charger is workable for wireless phones, earphones, watches,etc.

What kinda Difference:

The 1st generation of wooden desk lamp——Alpha was created with 360-degree universal gooseneck for omnidirectional rotating.

The 2nd generation of wooden desk lamp——Beta comes with 180-degree dual pivotable design (head foldable to its arm & arm foldable to base).

Both of them can be DIY your willing angle for lighting needs

White Noise LED Bulb Wooden Desk Lamp:Gamma

Basic Specifications:

36W Power Supply

l Omnidirectional Illuminating E27/E26 Bulb

l Dimmable Lighting to meet the needs of different occasion. Such as school, workshop, studio, home and office.

l Eye-caring Technology to provide anti-glare, no shadow, and a flicker light source.

l 30/60 minutes automatic timer to turn off the light automatically when you fall asleep under the reading lamp while reading at night.

Shining Features:

If you prefer to look for something a bit more aesthetic for your space,this LED Bulb Wooden Desk Lamp has a minimalist design and soft, adjustable lighting to make your workspace a bit cozier so that you maybe actually want to sit down and do some homework for a hot second? Or maybe not, but it’s worth a shot.

What’s more, there are 37 soothing white noise inserted into the design. And the dual stereo speaker combine virtual sounds with the real scenes, so that the users can enjoy an immersive experience with this good sleep aid--white noise machine.

With 30/60 minutes timer setting function, you can free to set your desired light-off operating time to avoid the lighting's still on when you fall into sleep.

In 2023, we will launch a new version——Gamma PLUS equipped with Bluetooth support so that it can communicate with a computer or your phone wirelessly.


Are you touched by such a versatile designed desk lamp?

Here comes the points, how to own such a Nordic style multifunctional desk lamp, please contact us right now!