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AC100V AC230V powerful LED strip for the construction industry 25M on a drum for mobile use IP65


LED Strip Snake lights used to make Fancy your Gypsum ceiling -Lounge, Salons, barbershops!! Most appropriate for applications such as wall features, stairs, shelves, cupboards, advertising, and more

The most common design differences are in how individual LEDs are controlled, specifically differences in color and whether or not each LED is addressable.
1.Single Color:   Every LED on the strand is a single white color
2.Dynamic Tunable White: This allows the user to adjust the color temperature output from a single strip light. allowing the strip to produce any specific color temperature between the two color temperatures of the LEDs
3.RGB, addressable: Multiple colors and addresses. Each LED has its own chip meaning they can be individually triggered for chasing, strobing, and color changing
5.Low-profile LED Strip Light with superb light output for indoor and outdoor linear lighting used 
6.LED strips made especially for the construction industry
7.Comes ready for use with plug socket. 4 pieces can be connected in series Parallel wiring to each LED ensures that if one LED goes out, the rest of the cutting increment stays lighting Application: Residential/Commercial; Architectural; Landscaping; Gardens; Seasonal/Artistic decor; Cove lighting
The go-strip led snake can be installed anywhere in an instant. Once unrolled, it lights up: 25,000 lumens of light (250W) illuminate the construction site. The warehouse, the garden…. And a very powerful light. Installed on its comfortable reel it is 25 meters long but it is very easy to transport and store. IP65 waterproof: it is protected against splashing water. When it rains, the lamp works normally. Ideal for cantiers but also for all outdoor activities such as markets, stands, outdoor parties, emergency situations ... Extremely Robust: it does not fear temperatures: from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C it works safely. 4000K natural light.

And we also produce LED Neon Strip Light 110V 220V 25m 50m 100m Flexible Rope for Indoor Outdoor Garden Holiday Party Christmas Valentine Decoration Lights CE.

This is a small metric that expresses our drive towards innovation, which is fueled by our continued research and development on the led strip light.
We believe that the best innovations are born from solving real world client problems. These inspire us to open new paths and discover innovations that will truly make a difference.
The low defect rate of our strip light products and low energy use further contributes to solving the environmental problems we all face today.