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Significance of Aging Test on LED Lighting


The theory of product quality says:

"If a product can work continuously for one day without failure, it will probably work continuously for a year without failure."
So, if you buy a product and use it for a few days without breaking, then it may follow you for many years. In fact, this is the result of passing the aging test.

Most product failures occur in the early and late stage. The final stage is the normal life of the product, which cannot be controlled. But it can be controlled in the initial stage within the gate of the factory, that is, to do a full aging test before delivering the products to the end users, so as to kill the problem inside the factory.

Aging test is to test the stability of LED lights by testing their functions, so that LED work lights can be in working condition for a long time. In the aging process, there are temperature adaptability test, simulation voltage area (high, medium, low) test and impact test, as well as online monitoring of driving power and product current, voltage changes and other technologies.

All lighting fixtures from Shenzhen Good Lighting are subjected to continuous aging testing for at least 24 hours before leaving the factory, and several units will be sorted out from the same batch goods for continuous aging testing of 48 hours or even longer. To check the stability and lifespan of the products through aging test, and hand over good quality products to customers. At the same time, we also can find out some key problems, continue to optimize and improve quality of products.

Aging test is an essential part of the production of LED work lights, to ensure stability and durability of lighting products. The lighting aging test is typically done to identity products defects and measure the performance and safety of products under harsh testing environment such as high temperature, high voltage ,etc.

If LED lights do not do a good job of aging, product quality will not be guaranteed, and a large number of failures will occur in the early use stage of engineering application, which will greatly increase the project cost and affect the use. Therefore, the LED work lights used in engineering projects must be aged to improve the reliability of the product and the overall quality of the project, and contribute to the stability of the efficiency of the later use. When the project needs to purchase a large number of LED work lights or LED work lights installed on the facade of the building, it is necessary to supervise the aging test process. Complete the aging test procedure& records, and the results are qualified.