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Good Lighting Livestream on Alibaba


  For better promotion of good led work lights, our manager Sam decide to open livestream every day on our Alibaba platform. Compared with simple pictures and video, the biggest advantage of livestream is that we can show you the effect & functions directly.  And we can solve your questions about the usages of work lights. Of course including some warning terms. When we use dangerous high voltage led work lights, we need to know some tips to protect ourself and use them correctly. So that the lights can be used in max lifespan.


In our factory, we have many lighting test device to check the performance and parameters of led work lights. Many people isnt sure how many lumen and watts,etc. We will show you in livestream vividly. Especially for some high value items , this is also a guarantee way to assure customers’ right. Customers can visit our factory online and have a look our process of production and test. If you want to customize products, we can communicate via video and show you the test result of customized sample.

Our livestream team can lead you have a look at our research & develop process, Which will take more professional information, industrial news , market trend and technology innovation news  about led lighting for you at the first time. We are dedicated to designing,manufacturing and delivering the best in battery portable lighting,area led work light and temporary work lights for use on the most challenging job sites for past years. 


At last, anyone who are interested in portable led work light or need some durable work light , flood lights can contact us immediately. We will launch many discounts regularly. Please follow our Alibaba store and our newest movie. Dont miss value content of us. I represent Good lighting all staff to say BIG Thank you” here in advance!