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New sharp tool for emergency rescue ,Flexible and convenient tool Battery lighting.


After a sudden disaster,there is ofen a case of rescue by day and night shift. At night,

Becauuse the sun light disappears, the panic of the affected people increases,and the Rescue efficiency is also greatly affected.At this time, emergency light sources are needed to supplement lighting to assist in rescue. The emergency light source shall have the Characteristics of high brightness, easy to carry,long continuous use,etc.to meet the actual needs of the rescue site.

General power supply enterprises can provide on-site temporary lighting at the first time to provide large-area lighting. However,for some special areas, more flexible and convenient supplementary light sources are needed.Compared with plug-in lighting,battery lighting does not need to plug in wires and is suitable for rescue environments without mains power supply. At the same time, due to the plug free characteristics, tool battery lighting products can have a higher level of waterproof and dust-proof. In addition, the tool battery lighting products with lightweight design can be carried and moved faster in complex rescue environments. Goodlighting umbrella light , multi direction independent rotating lamp holder, can adjust the lighting angle up and down, convenient for operation; Light weight, high brightness, small space occupation, which can reduce the workload of staff to a greater extent, and meet the emergency rescue operation in a narrow space; It can charge small mobile devices. Whether it is flood control or earthquake relief, emergency lights play a very important role in the rescue site. They can be used for personnel evacuation lighting in dark environments, and provide necessary lighting support for emergency disposal such as flood control inspection, search and rescue, and power repair at night.