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What is the difference between SMD and COB?


SMD OR COB(Optional)

SMD(Surface Mounted Devices), which refers to surface mount device, it is a kind of surface adhesion technology components.
COB(Chip on Board), which refers to the chip packaging on the board, and is one of the bare chip mounting technologies.

I. Different Production Efficiency
SMD has low production efficiency; COB is more efficient than SMD.

II. Different Light Quality
Glare exist in the device combination of SMD; the angle of view of COB is large and easy to adjust, and there is no glare.

III. Different technologies
SMD, needs to patch and then fixed to PCB board by reflow soldering; COB does not, and its light source is directly applied to the luminaire.

V. Cost
The cost of getting devices built with these different technologies differs. They are both strongly dependent on manufacturing costs, which are distinct.
When compared to its counterpart, SMD has a greater production cost. For example, SMD is more expensive than COB when comparing the labor and manufacturing process to the material cost.
Generally, the cost of SMD accounts for 15% of the total material cost. As for COB, labor and production costs contribute for 10% of the material cost for. This demonstrates that chip on board LED saves you roughly 5% on manufacturing costs.

Existence in possible, different strokes for different folks.

For example, the garden light in the picture, you can choose SMD or COB.