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Good Lighting LED Rechargeable Flood Light


                                                 -Good Lighting, Better Light

Product Review
When it comes to lighting, flood lights offer a wide scope of powerful
illumination. They are perfect for a range of outdoor job sites with their rugged design.
One manufacturer looking to up the functionality and durability of this type of workplace light
is ProBuilt. With the introduction of their ProBuilt Lighting LED rechargeable flood light, it has
never been easier to get the reliable performance you need for all the most rugged
What Is It?
It is a flood light that is a fully portable light using the latest in LED technology for an innovative
and reliable lighting solution. It is designed for a range of settings and needs.
What Are the Features?
The body marries the difficult contrast of being incredibly durable and still lightweight enough
for easy transport. The compact body features a sturdy metal frame with a comfort grip
handle made of cushioned rubber.The feet are magnetic, making it perfect for attaching to a
vehicle or metal surface. It is also capable of being mounted on a tripod making it a truly
versatile lighting solution perfect for a range of locations.Delivering anywhere from 450-1800
lumens depending on the selected setting and the model, it features an 110-degree pivoting
head for an evenly distributed spectrum of illumination.When it comes to LED flood lights, the
powerful illumination and long-lasting usage are big draws for most people. One of the best
parts about this particular LED flood light is the rechargeable aspect. It can run for up to 5
hours on the high setting and 10 hours on the lowest setting. The lithium ion battery is easily
recharged by the wall charger. Need a quick charge when traveling between job sites? This
rechargeable LED flood light even offers car charger capabilities. Available in two sizes,
including a 10 watt and a 20 watt, they are small enough to be compact and easy to move yet
powerful enough to provide superior illumination for up to 25 feet.
Other Options
Flood lights are nothing new. While there are other flood lights on the market utilizing LED
technology, a rechargeable model is a relatively newer option. They are perfect for areas
without an electrical receptacle when you need a light that can go wherever you need it. This
aspect really makes this flood light stand out from the competition.